Pom Pom Panda


Who would have thought a collection of black and white pompoms could turn into this adorable panda! Easy for kids of all ages to put together - and I expect the finished panda will be treasured!

Pom pom panda craft for kids

You will need:

2 white pompoms, one larger than the other
2 medium black pompoms
4 small black pompoms
2 wiggle eyes
Fabric glue
Black felt
Black marker pen


Glue the smaller white pompom on top of the larger.

Stick the two medium black pompoms to the front of the large pompom at the bottom, to form the back legs.

Glue two of the small black pompoms on just above these to make the front legs.

Stick the last two black pompoms to the top of the smaller white pompom as ears.

Cut two circles of black felt. Glue these on to the smaller white pompom where you want the eyes to go. Stick a wiggle eye into the middle of each.

Cut a nose from black foam and glue it to the middle of the face.

Look after your pompom panda!

Pom pom panda close up


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