Pompom Bauble

Here's a simple Pompom Bauble craft for kids to make at Christmas - pompoms are fun to make, keep little fingers busy, and you'll end up with a very pretty Christmas tree decoration, especially if you choose some sparkly wool/yarn!

Our pompom bauble, using a pale blue wool
Our pompom bauble, using a pale blue wool

You will need:

Card (we used an old cardboard box)
Wool (yarn)


Cut two circles from card and cut a circle from the middle of each, giving you two identical donut shapes. They don't have to be perfect!

Lay the card circles one on top of the other.

Wrap the yarn around the circles, passing through the middle hole. Keep going until all the card is covered and the middle hole is nearly closed up.

Pushing the point of your scissors along the very edge of the circle, snip the wool all the way around. Ease the card circles slightly apart. Tie a piece of wool around the middle of the wool, pulling it tight between the card circles. Leave the ends of the wool long so you can use them to hang the pompom on the tree.

Remove the card circles.

You can find all sorts of glittery, sparkly wool in the shops now which would make a lovely pompom bauble! Use furry white wool for snowflake baubles, or glittery red, pale blue or silver for a traditional Christmas effect - or of course you can use many different colours!

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