Pompom Caterpillar Craft


Find instructions for this quick and easy pompom caterpillar craft for kids below. It's a good craft for practising simple needle and thread skills, and he's quite cute - he might become a firm friend!

Pompom caterpillar craft for kids

You will need:

6 small pompoms
1 large pompom in a contrasting colour
Wiggle eyes
Thread and a large needle


Thread the needle and tie a knot in the end. Snip off any excess thread.

Carefully, starting with the large pompom, push the needle through the centre of each pompom. When you have added the last pompom, tie a knot in the thread and snip off the excess.

Stick 2 eyes on to the large pompom to make the head.

Pompom caterpillar
Your finished caterpillar can wiggle!


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