Pompom Chick Key-ring

This pompom chick key-ring is a quick and easy Easter craft - fun to hang on a satchel perhaps? Of course you don't need the ribbon - just make a few of these and put out on display to be admired!

Pompom Chick Keyring

You will need:

A large yellow pompom
Orange craft foam
Yellow craft feathers
Googly eyes
Yellow ribbon
Key-ring attachment


Cut a small triangle from orange craft foam and attach, along with your googly eyes, to form the face.

Use a dab of glue to attach a loop of ribbon to the back of the pompom, and then stick on a bundle of feathers for the tail over the top of it. If you place them carefully, two of them can protrude underneath the pompom for feet.

Tie your key-ring attachment to the other end of the ribbon.

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