Potato Print Eid Card


Here's a simple potato print Eid card that even the youngest children can make - but it is sure to appreciated! Once you have cut the potato prints, why not make a stack of cards and some of our potato print Eid bunting, too!

Potato Print Eid Card
Here's our finished Eid card - sure to cheer up absent friends and family!

You will need:

Coloured card
A sharp knife (pr star and circle biscuit cutters)
Gold paint
Gold pen


Fold the card in half to make a greetings card.

Cut the potato in half. If you have the biscuit cutters use them to make the shape of a star in one side of the potato and a crescent in the other. Using the knife carefully remove the surrounding potato. If you don't have cutters simply cut the shapes using the knife.

Put some gold paint int a saucer. Stamp on to the card a crescent and star. Leave to dry.

Write on the words "Eid Mubarak".

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