Prayer Mat Craft


Here's a simple prayer mat craft for children to make, perhaps for the Eid celebrations or when studying Islam.

This craft is as flexible as you want it to be. We used crafts foam and pre-cut sticky foam shapes because we had them to hand, but of course you can use paper, card, or felt and cut your own shapes. If you are using felt, you could also add some simple embroidery stitches to embellish.

Prayer Mat Craft
Our finished prayer mat craft

You will need:

A rectangular base of card, paper, felt or foam
Shapes cut from card, paper, felt or foam or precut stickers
Glue (if needed)


Start off with a base rectangle. We folded ours in half to cut a shaped edge but most mats are rectangular.

Arrange your pieces to make a pattern. When you are happy stick your pattern down.


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