Pumpkin Collecting Pouch

Try this Halloween craft for kids and make your very own collecting pouches for trick or treating!

Halloween craft, pumpkin collecting pouch

You will need:

A square of orange felt (approximately 12 inches square)
A dinner plate to draw round (approximately 10 inches diameter)
About one yard of cord, thin ribbon or similar, preferably green
A pair of sharp scissors
A pencil


Draw around your plate onto the orange felt, and cut out. Now mark a series of points about 1 inch in from the circumference of the circle, spaced evenly around the circle at about 2 inches apart. Try to have an even number (we had 14). Fold over the edge of the felt circle so that you can make a little snip at each of these marks.

Now take your cord or ribbon and thread it in and out of the slits until you have been right round the circle. Draw up your "pumpkin", tie the cord together at the ends, and hang around your neck ready to collect some treats! Simple, quick and useful!

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