Rainmaker Craft

A Native American medicine man might shake something similar to this when calling for rain! Older children can use this craft as an opportunity to look at Native American design - while younger children will enjoy making a fun musical instrument!

Rainmaker Craft

You will need:

A large snack tube (with a lid)
Kitchen foil
Dried rice or lentils
Some of our grid paper


Take a piece of foil about 3 times as long as the tube. Roll up to form a long wire-like strip. Glue one end to the bottom of the tube. Twist into a spiral. Glue the other end to the tube lid. Tip in some rice and glue the lid in place.

To decorate the tube, print out some of our grid paper and colour in your own ‘Native American’ design. Trim the edges and glue the paper around the tube.

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