Rangoli Fuse Bead Patterns


Here's an original way to create a rangoli pattern for Diwali - and if you iron it carefully, this one will last! Of course the children can also use our designs as inspiration and then create their own.

Rangoli fuse bead pattern 1

Rangoli Fuse Bead Pattern 1

Here is an original rangoli design that your children can create for your Diwali celebrations. This pretty design is intended to have a lacy effect, which is why we haven’t filled all the gaps. Be very careful when you remove it from the pegboard!

Rangoli fuse bead pattern 2

Rangoli Fuse Bead Pattern 2

Make a pretty circular rangoli for Diwali with your fuse bead collection, using your brightest and prettiest colours. We’ve put a gold star in the centre, tipped with blue jewels!

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