Recycled Glass Jar Vase


With just a few bits and pieces, children can recycle a glass jar into a pretty vase with this easy craft idea.

This recycled glass jar craft makes a sweet gift for Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day or a favourite teacher. The craft can be adapted for all ages so that the kids can really be proud of their efforts.

coffee jar vase

You will need:

An empty coffee jar (200g size is best) or other glass container
Stick on jewels (glass paints or stickers could be used instead)
Strong glue

Wash out your coffee jar, removing labels and all the paper from rim. Dry thoroughly.

Decorate the jar by gluing on the jewels, using stickers and/or painting with glass paints. Using strong glue, stick a ribbon around the rim to cover the screw top pattern.

recycled glass jar craft


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