Red Rover

Red Rover was a common outdoor game for kids during my childhood, and it probably dates back a very long way before that! To be honest, it is not one of my favourite games and there is potential for quieter children to get left out, but it has been enjoyed by children for years so I have included it here. I suggest adult supervision! You need quite a large group of children for the game to work best.

Red Rover

Divide the children into two teams and choose a leader for each team. The kids form into two parallel lines opposite each other, and join hands (or join wrists).

The leader of one team chooses one player from the opposite team and invites them to play by calling "red rover, red rover, let child's name come over!"

That player called then runs at the opposing team and tries to hurl himself through the children, breaking the chain. If he fails, he joins that chain, and the turn passes to the other side.

The game ends when one team has all but one of the players in their chain.

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