Reindeer Food Sprinkle

Make sure that Santa's reindeer pay you a visit this Christmas by sprinkling some of this special Reindeer Food Sprinkle on your lawn or by your front door! Fun for kids to make for themselves or to give to friends.

Reindeer food sprinkle

You will need:

A little jar, box or re-sealable bag
Oats or oatmeal
Glitter (or white or coloured sugar)

Reindeer food sprinkle printout
Our printable tags - if you are making the reindeer food sprinkle to give to a friend
Reindeer food sprinkle printout


Simply put about 1 tablespoon of oats and 1 tablespoon of glitter into your container and mix together. Seal, ready to sprinkle outside your house on Christmas Eve!

If you are giving to a friend, add the tag - perhaps with a pretty ribbon.

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