Resolutions Magnet


Encourage kids to remember their New Year's resolutions with this magnet craft - just stick it on the fridge and you'll see it several times a day! This is a fun craft for older kids, who could make one for each member of the family.

Resolutions magnet by Jack
Yes - Sam might have got confused and thought it was 1011 when he was writing the date! Thankfully it was actually 2011.

You will need:

Craft foam in white and a bright colour
Permanent marker
Glitter glue
Magnetic strip

To make:

Draw around your hand on the bright foam.

Cut a small rectangle out of white foam. It needs to be small enough to fit on the palm.

Write a resolution on the rectangle and glue it to the palm of the foam hand.

Fold over the thumb of the hand and glue it down so it is 'holding' the resolution.

On the fingers of the hand write the year with glitter glue.

On the back of the hand glue the magnetic strip. Now display!


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