Resolutions Wreath


This New Year's resolution wreath is a super way to capture a moment in time! Encourage them to write down their resolutions on handprints and you will not only have a snapshot of what was important to them at this age, but a record of the size of their hand, too ... precious!

Sam's Resolutions Wreath

Sam's New Year's Resolutions wreath

You will need:

Brightly coloured card
White card

To make:

Cut out a circle of white card and write upon it 'My Resolutions by...'.

Draw around your hand on bright card. Cut out the hand. Repeat until you have 6 or 7 hands.

Write a resolution on the palm of each hand.

Glue the fingers of the hands together to form a circle.

Finish by gluing the white card circle in the middle of the wreath, and displaying. What a great way to help you stick to your New Year's Resolutions this year!

Jack's resolutions wreath
Jack's resolutions wreath

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