Richard II


Richard IIRichard II (1377-1399) was the son of Edward, the Black Prince, who had died before his father, and the grandson of Edward III.  

When Edward III died there had been unrest among the general population about high taxes. Initially Richard's regency council, led by his uncle John of Gaunt, seemed to rule well, but in 1381 they introduced the Poll Tax where everyone had to pay the same no matter how rich or poor - and the Peasants' Revolt began.  They marched on London but Richard met them outside, sweet-talked them and declared he was on their side and they went home.  Richard went back on his word and had the leaders executed.

Richard fell out with his John of Gaunt and many of the leading nobles whom he banished.  When John of Gaunt died, Richard confiscated his land.  John of Gaunt's son, Henry Bolingbroke, who had been exiled to France, raised an army.  He captured Richard who was 'persuaded' to give up his crown.  Henry Bolingbroke became Henry IV and Richard starved to death in Pontefract castle.




Succeeded by:

Henry IV
Henry IV

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