Robin Advent Calendar

This gorgeous robin advent calendar will help you count down to Christmas day with style! They are relatively easy for children to cut out and put together - and they really do look cute!

Robin Advent Calendar Craft

You will need:

Approx 6 pieces of brown felt
2-3 pieces of red felt
Red thread
Red glitter glue
Scraps of yellow felt
Fabric glue
Sticky hook and eye fastening dots


Use our template to cut 24 robin bodies from brown felt. Cut 24 robin 'breasts' from red felt.

Use blanket stitch or small running stitch to sew the breast onto the body, leaving an opening at the top so the breast forms a pocket.

Robin advent calendar detail 1

Turn the robin over so it is breast down. Cut a small triangle of yellow felt and add two drops of glitter glue as eyes.

Turn the robin over again, and fold down the face over so it overlaps the breast. Stick on a pair of hook and eye dots so the face forms a 'flap' which can be opened.

Use glitter glue to write the numbers 1 to 24 onto the breasts.

Fasten the flaps of the robins over a length of ribbon. Secure the ribbon with a dot of fabric glue. Now put a little something in the pockets, and hang ready for December!

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