Rocking Peacock


The peacock is the national bird of India. Here is a Rocking Peacock craft that the kids will enjoy, using a paper plate and some craft cupboard supplies

Rocking peacock craft

You will need:

2 paper plates
Blue paint
Blue and green feathers
Blue and green 3D paint
Scrap of yellow paper
2 wiggle eyes
Sticky tape


Paint the back of both plates blue.

Using your 3D paint, make a blob of the opposite colour on your feathers. So, on the blue feathers put a green blob, and on the green feathers put a blue blob!

You will need to be patient while the paint dries!

When it is dry, fold one of the plates in half. This is your peacock’s body.

From the other paper plate, cut out a sausage shape to use as your peacock’s head and neck.

Glue the head to one end of body. Tape the feathers to the others.

To finish your rocking peacock, glue two wiggle eyes and a triangle of yellow paper for the beak to the head.


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