Rocking Robin

The robin is one of the most popular garden birds - especially with children, who love if for its red breast and its cheeky expression! Here is an unusual craft which will bring the robin out of the garden and into your house!

rocking robin

You will need:

A paper plate
Red glitter glue (or red paint)
Brown paint
Orange paper
Black pen

Paint the back of the plate brown and leave to dry. Fold the plate in half.

Draw a red breast with the glitter glue on either side of the body and once again leave to dry.

Cut a triangle of orange paper to be the beak and stick in place, then draw on eyes and wings with a black pen, using our photo as a guide.


We also adapted this craft to make cards. Use a bowl or plate to draw a circle on a piece of card (or use a card blank, and draw a semi-circle on one side). Cut out. Decorate in the same way as your paper plate robin.

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