Rocking Turkey

This rocking turkey looks great on display and is fun to make for Thanksgiving too!

Rocking Turkey

You will need:

Paper plate
Brown paint
Brown card
coloured paper
Scraps of white and yellow paper
Black pen


Paint the back of a paper plate brown and leave to dry.

Cut an oval from the brown card to be the turkey’s head and neck.

Cut a tiny arch shape from the scrap of white paper for your turkey’s beard. Glue this to the card near the top. Cut a yellow triangular beak and glue this on top of the beard. Draw on the two eyes.

Fold the plate in half.

From the coloured paper cut four oval feathers. Glue these to one corner of the plate in a fan shape. This is your tail.

On the other corner of the plate glue the ‘head’..

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