Rolling Stone


This card game for kids can be a lot of fun but also very frustrating: just when you are about to win, you can find yourself right back at square one! I've always thought it is useful for helping children learn to lose with grace!

Instructions for "Rolling Stone" card game for kids

Number of Players:
4 - 6

Age Range:

If six players: One standard deck with the twos removed
If five players: Twos, threes and fours removed
If four players: Two, threes, fours, fives and sixes removed.

Aces are high


The players cut the deck and the highest card deals all the cards around the group clockwise, until each player has eight cards.

The players sort their cards by suit and then the player to the left of the dealer plays one card face-up. The next player then has to play a card which is of the same suit. Play continues until a player cannot place a card, at which point they have to pick up all the face-up cards and add them to their hand. They then start the next round with one of their cards of a different suit.

The winner is the player who runs out of cards first.

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