Rudolph Headdress

Have fun making this Rudolph headdress and dress up as the most popular reindeer of all - complete with shiny red nose!

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer headdress

You will need:

A strip of dark brown card about 1½ inches wide and long enough to go around your head
Light brown card for the antlers
Scraps of dark brown card
Scrap of red card
Sticky tape
Black pen

Cut two antlers from the light brown card (use our template to help.)

Cut two ears from the dark brown card and use the black pen to highlight.

Cut a thin strip of dark brown card about 1/2inch by 3 inches. Cut a circle from the red card. Tape the circle to the end of the thin strip of card.

Lay your long strip of card face down in front of you. Lay the thin strip with the circle in the centre of the card sticking down. Add an antler either side pointing up and the ears next to the antlers. Stick a length of tape along the strip of card securing everything in place.

Measure the strip of card around your child's head and tape into place.

Rudolph headdress

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