Rugby Shirt Card


This rugby shirt card makes a fun card to give Dad for his birthday or Father's Day, or a home-made birthday card for any rugby fan.

Rugby Shirt Card

You will need:

Sheet of A4 card
Coloured paper


  • Fold the card in half, to make your base card.
  • Cut strips of coloured paper and glue them across the front of the card to make stripes.
  • With the fold on your left, cut a slit about 1inch long down the middle of the card.
  • Fold the top edge of the card over on the diagonal, from the centre cut to the top corners, to make the collar. This is easier to see by looking at our photo, than to describe!
  • Cut a rectangle of card the same colour as your base card and glue it to the card at the middle point of the collar.
  • If you are making the card for a birthday card, you could cut numbers from paper and glue to the front of the card to mark the age.


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