School Bus Craft

Here's a fun way to get your kids in the mood for "Back To School" and excited about seeing their school friends again!

School bus craft

You will need:

Box (we used a box from a fridge pack of soda cans)
Yellow paint
White paper
Black paper


Paint the box yellow and leave to dry. Cut out two rectangles of white paper, about half the height of the box and a bit shorter than the length. Draw a line of peoplesÂ’ faces on each one. Glue these to the sides of the box as the windows.

Cut a rectangle for the front window and draw on the driver. Stick this to the front of your bus. Cut out another small rectangle for the back window and glue it on to the back of the bus.

School bus detail

Cut 4 circles for wheels from black paper. Also from black paper cut a rectangle to be your radiator at the front of the bus. Glue these to the bus.

Finish off by drawing the door, headlights, number plates and writing school along each side with colouring pens.

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