School Posters


Activity Village has a huge resource of posters these days, and we seem to be adding more all the time! Many of them are perfect for the school, home education or childminding environment, and these posters are popular downloads.

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Back to School Posters
Print out these colourful posters to welcome children (and staff) back to school for the new term.
Message Posters
Here's a fun way to help your children remember to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and so...
People at School Posters
These fun posters are illustrated interpretations of some of the characters you might see around...
In the Classroom Posters
Useful for learning vocabulary, or perhaps for marking the location of certain classroom objects (...
School Rules Colouring Posters
We thought that by presenting these "school rules" as colouring pages for the children to...
More Useful School Posters
You will find a collection of useful school posters below, including a very popular "b and d...

More School Printables

School Scrapbook Paper
School Scrapbook Paper


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