Schoolhouse Photo Frame


We've used a traditional old-fashioned schoolhouse shape to make this fun schoolhouse photo frame. You could display it on your fridge or hang it up proudly to get the kids ready for "back to school" time, show off a special photo of a school event, or even present it to your child's teacher as a gift. Or what about capturing an image of your child's first day at school?

Schoolhouse photo frame craft

You will need:

14 popsicle sticks (or 7 wide craft sticks)
Black and red acrylic paint
Black and yellow craft foam
White (PVA) glue
Double sided sticky tape


If using popsicle sticks, carefully glue them together along the thin edge to make 5 pairs and one group of 4. If you are using craft sticks you need to stick two together so you have 1 pair and 5 single sticks.

Lay two pairs (or single craft sticks) parallel to one another, and then lay another pair on top to form three sides of a square. When you are happy everything is lined up correctly, glue in place.

Sit the other two pairs at an angle to form the roof. When you are happy glue the sticks in place (tip – use a spare stick to prop up the apex of the roof while it dries so everything sites flat).

When the glue is dry, paint the sticks red and black, using our photo as a guide.

Cut your photo to size and use double sided tape to attach it down the sides of the frame.

To decorate, glue or tape on a black foam ‘v’ shape for the tower roof and a yellow foam bell. You can add any other embellishments you like. You might like to include a date or message such as ‘first day at school’.

Finally, glue or tape a loop of ribbon onto the back of the frame to hang it, or a strong magnet so that you can display it on the fridge.

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