Scrapbook Paper - Ideas


Here are over 30 ideas for using our free printable scrapbook paper - we hope that they will inspire you!

Ideas for Using Our Scrapbook Paper

(Remember that you can get two different looks for each page of scrapbook paper by printing on "normal" or "draft" settings).

  • Make little covers for our origami booklets
  • Make scrapbooks!
  • Use as wrapping paper for small gifts.
  • Make bunting.
  • Wrap up chocolate bars and other small edible gifts to decorate tables or put in party bags. Add a label to the front and use them as name cards for your holiday table.
  • Use the pattern sheets to cut out letters spelling your child's name or holiday greetings. Use them to decorate doors, tables, or fireplaces!
  • Make napkin rings by cutting pattern sheets into strips and fastening into a round by stapling or sticky tape. You could then either attach a label to make a place card, add a contrasting shape such as a Christmas tree, Valentine heart or whatever is appropriate for your table, or tie a smaller ribbon around the napkin ring for decoration.
  • Decorate party wine glasses with a thin strip of paper, curled around a pair of scissors and twisted around the stem of the glass. You could write each guests name on the strip so that they don't lose their glass.
  • Make confetti using the many hole punches available in craft shops
  • Make envelopes for greetings cards. Use the same pattern sheet to make a matching printed insert for the card.
  • Make folders to keep children's special work. Cut two pieces to the appropriate size and glue, tape or stencil around 3 sides to join the pieces together.
  • Print out the pattern sheets onto specialty computer paper (do a search to find a supplier in your country). You can now buy plastic shrink paper to feed through your inkjet printer, with which you could make brooches, badges, ear-rings, key-rings and much more. Or print onto glossy or holographic paper and use to make greetings cards. You can even now print directly onto special cotton fabric pieces which you could then sew into quilts, lavender bags and so on.
  • Print a pattern sheet onto card and then fix a small printed monthly calendar into the middle of it. This can function as a monthly star chart to encourage music practice, daily reading, finishing the chores, etc.
  • Make "matchbook" messages and gifts. Print out a pattern sheet onto card and then cut a strip approximately twice as long as it is wide. You can experiment with your proportions to get the right size of matchbook. Cut one short edge with decorative scissors if desired, then fold up approximately 1cm and crease, then staple once or twice about half way up the fold.  This makes the bottom edge of the matchbook. Fold down the top edge so that it tucks into the bottom edge just like a real matchbook. Now you can either write a message inside the matchbook or attach a small bag or cellophane wrapped package with tiny sweets, sequins or glitter, or other small gift inside.
  • Cut into strips and use as paper "ribbon" for decorating small parcels. Fix with a piece of double-sided sticky-tape or a dab of glue. Cover the join, if you like, with a matching button - very cute!
  • Use as scrapbook paper. Make "mats" for photographs, or cut shapes for decoration and accent.
  • Make gift bags and boxes. You can wrap the paper around a small book or similar-shaped object then remove the book to make a gift bag shape.
  • Make gift tags, by cutting each sheet into smaller rectangles, folding, and punching a hole in one corner.
  • Fold to make greetings cards. You can decorate the front of the card with photos, magazine pictures, or plain shapes from coloured card. Use a glue stick to attach, or stick a small piece of cardboard or craft foam between the card and the attachment to create depth.
  • Cut "mounts" for photos, or use as a simple frame. You can laminate the frame for strength.
  • Use our templates to cut out lots of similar shapes and join together with string, ribbon or staples to form a garland.
  • Fold in concertina style and cut out paper chain boys and girls or other shapes.
  • Make fans by folding concertina style and fastening the end.
  • Cut to make flash-cards with pretty backs!
  • Cut into strips, roll tightly around a knitting needle, and stick down the ends. Slide off the knitting needle carefully when dry to make paper beads. You can make these last longer by coating the beads with a layer of white glue (PVA glue) before threading.
  • Cut into thicker strips or shapes to make bookmarks (get your child to write a message on the back and these make a super quick gift idea). Punch a hole in one end and add a ribbon or cord if you like. You can laminate them to make the last, too.
  • Make your own books and booklets. One simple method is to print out 2 pattern sheets and trim the edges or cut to the desired size. Prepare many pieces of paper as you require for your book to the same size or slightly smaller. Assemble your book with a pattern sheet facing outwards at the front and the back. Punch holes in the left-hand side and thread a ribbon through so that you can tie a bow at the front.
  • Make paper chains! You don't have to use these only at Christmas ... they make great party decorations too.
  • Decorate a table with simple napkin rings and place-cards. You could also cut out appropriate shapes or confetti and scatter over a plain table-cloth for a fun effect.
  • Choose bright pattern sheets and cut out simple shapes to use for teaching little kids shapes and colours. Laminate them for durability and make more than you think you will need. You can use them as the kids get older to create "shape pictures". They store easily in an envelope or ziploc bag and are easily portable.
  • Encourage reading with a caterpillar! Get the kids to draw a large happy face and attach at child-height to a spare wall. Cut out lots of bright-coloured circles from the pattern sheets - a variety of patterns is most fun - and every time a book is completed the child can add a segment to the caterpillar's body. Other ideas which work nicely and brighten up the room no end are a "bean stalk" growing up the wall using leaf shapes out of green gingham, a bright flower chain, or a "traffic jam" of car shapes.


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