Shake Rattle And Guess


This is an exciting party game for children of all ages, perfect for birthdays and Christmas parties. It can double-up to provide a "going away present" for the kids, too.

Shake Rattle And Guess

Age: 4+

Numbers: any

You will need:

A number of different small gifts (the sort you can buy from the dollar or pound store) - one for each child
Small boxes of different shapes and sizes
Gift wrap
Slips of paper and a pencil for each child (you might want to pre-number these)

How to play:

Place the gifts into boxes, wrap them up and number each box.

Give the guests a slip of paper and pencil each.

Pass the boxes around. The kids should shake them and rattle them to see if they can guess what's inside, writing down their guesses on their slip of paper against the correct number.

When everyone is finished, let the children choose a gift to open. You can do the choosing in a number of ways.

Start with the youngest child, and progress by age

Start with the birthday child, and progress round the room

Allow the winner of each game during the rest of the party to select their gift.

Before the children leave, have a grand opening of the gifts and let the kids compare their guesses with the actual toys!


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