Shaving Foam Painting 1


Sam really enjoyed our shaving foam painting experiement. The method means that there's always a certain amount of excitment about how the painting will turn out!

Shaving foam painting - result

You will need:

Shaving foam
Watercolour paint in various colours and shades
Lolly stick or skewer
Thick scrap card (old box)


Fill a tray with shaving foam.  This is definitely fun!

Shaving foam painting - Sam fills the tray
Sam fills the tray with shaving foam

Use a piece of card to smooth down the foam.

Smoothing the shaving foam down with a piece of card
Smoothing the shaving foam down with a piece of card

Squeeze on some paint. We chose autumn colours.

Squeezing on some paint
Squeezing on some paint

Use a stick or skewer to gently move around the paint to create swirls and patterns.

Press a sheet of paper on top.  

Shaving foam painting - lay a piece of paper on top
Sam laying a piece of paper on top

Peel off and use scrap card to scrape off the foam.  As this will further spread the paint, scrape from the middle to the sides.


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