Simon Says


A traditional game enjoyed by younger children. You will need a quick thinking adult to play!

Simon Says

Age: 3+

How to play:

The children gather around an adult who gives instructions to them, preceded by "Simon Says". For example:

"Simon says touch your head"

"Simon says dance around the room"

The children follow the instructions unless the adult leaves out the "Simon says", in which case anybody following instructions is out.


This can be a good game when you are stuck for inspiration and need to get the kids moving for a few minutes - but don't rely on it keeping them amused for too long!

The simplicity of this game means that only the youngest children will enjoy it - and then, generally, only if they are not "out"! We have played that, instead of sitting out, the losing children are given a letter of an animal (such as p-i-g or, for a longer game, d-o-n-k-e-y, which they find funny).


You can play a themed version during the holidays: for example, play "Santa Says" at Christmas and "Cupid Says" for Valentine's Day.


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