Skeleton Game


Our printable Skeleton Game is played like "beetle". You will need a die and a copy of the print-out for every player (preferably on card).

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Skeleton game

Before you begin, cut roughly around the pieces so that you have one skull, one body, two arms and two legs. Put all the pieces into the middle of the table and shake the die to decide who starts.

Each roll of the die determines whether you can take a piece towards assembling your own skeleton. 

For a 6, take a skull

For a 5, take a body

For a 3 or a 4, take a leg

For a 1 or a 2, take an arm

If you roll a number and already have the corresponding part, you miss your go.

The first to assemble a complete skeleton is the winner.

NB: older children can play that they must have the body (with a roll of 5) before they can collect any of the other pieces. Younger kids find this too frustrating!


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