Snake Worksheets

Celebrate Chinese New Year or explore a Snake theme in the classroom with our collection of snake worksheets. We've got lots for all ages - from learner readers and writers up to older kids.

Snake acrostic poem printable 1

Snake Acrostic Poem Printable 1

We have four versions of this fun SNAKE acrostic poem printable for you - perfect for Chinese New Year or a reptile them. Use as writing frames too.

Snake acrostic poem printable 2

Snake Acrostic Poem Printable 2

A lovely green snake wraps itself around our second SNAKE acrostic poem printable - useful for all sorts of writing projects, not just poetry!

Snake acrostic poem printable 3

Snake Acrostic Poem Printable 3

Here's a black and white snake frame for children to colour in, with the letters of "SNAKE" all ready for an acrostic poem.

Snake finger tracing

Snake Finger Tracing

Younger children learning their letters will enjoy colouring in this lovely snake then tracing over the letters with their finger or a pencil. Laminate for repeated use if you wish.

Snake handwriting worksheet

Snake Handwriting Worksheet

Print out this snake handwriting worksheet for beginners to practice their letter formation and spelling - and why not colour in the picture, too!

Snake Maths Facts Colouring Page

Snake Maths Facts Colouring Page

Have some fun with this snake colouring page, which requires some maths practise too! Use the key to work out which colour to use in each section and you'll have a snake in no time...

Snake story paper

Snake Story Paper

Perfect for writing a story about a snake, or for Chinese New Year of the Snake, our snake story paper comes in two versions to suit different ages.

Snake tracing

Snake Tracing Worksheet

Here's a snake tracing page for children to practice their writing - and of course they can colour in the snake, too.

Snake worksheet

Snake Worksheet

Use this worksheet to inspire some simple research and fact-finding about snakes. Available in colour or black and white.

Snake writing page

Snake Writing Page

Use our snake writing page for story writing, projects or Chinese New Year of the Snake!

Spotty Snake Maths 2

Spotty Snake Maths 2

Follow the instructions to draw dots on the snakes, and then answer the questions. Colourful dotty maths is fun!

Spotty Snakes Maths

Spotty Snakes Maths

Children can draw more spots onto the snakes to work out the answer to each problem, or solve them with subtraction within 20.

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