Coming in all shapes and sizes, snakes are some of the most feared creatures on earth but children can be fascinated by them! Whether you are looking for facts or colouring pages, theme ideas or Year of the Snake crafts, we hope we have something here for you!

Snakes theme for kids

There are about 3,400 different species of snakes - ranging from tiny 10cm thread snakes to pythons measuring over 8.5 metres! Most snakes are not poisonous and most that are use their venom to subdue or kill their prey - but of course some carry enough venom to kill a human being.

Year of the Snake
The snake is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. If you have a snake in your household or classroom, you might like to check out our activities!
Year of the Snake

Snake Colouring Pages
A variety of snake colouring pages to print and enjoy with the children.
Snake Crafts
Enjoy these snake crafts with your children. Whether you want something for Chinese New Year of the...
Snake Games
Just for fun, a collection of printable and online snake themed games for kids. Fun for anytime,...
Snake Printables
Snake printables for the classroom or home! Scroll down for snake masks, snake writing paper, snake...
Snake Worksheets
Celebrate Chinese New Year or explore a Snake theme in the classroom with our collection of snake...

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