Snip Snap Snorem


This is a popular - and noisy - card matching game, suitable for younger children and mixed age groups. Play with 3 or more players and a standard deck of cards.

Instructions for Snip Snap Snorem card game for kids

Number of players:


Standard deck of cards

Deal the cards out completely (don't worry if some players get more than others). Players sort the cards in their hands by rank: the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

The player to the left of the dealer starts by placing any card down on the table. The next player looks to see if they have a card of the same rank. If they do, they place it down on top of the card, saying "Snip". If they have another card of the same rank, they place it down too, saying "Snap". If they don't, play passes to the next player, and so on. Whoever places the final card of that rank says "Snorem" and wins the right to start the next round with the card of their choice.

Children will soon learn that it is best to lead with a card in which they have more than one of a kind.

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