Snowman Scramble

This is a rowdy Christmas party game for a bunch of kids (and adults) - great fun for mixed groups, too. You will need a few "woolly" supplies!

Age: 5+

Numbers: at least 6

You will need:

A hat, scarf, gloves and oversized jacket for each team.

How to play:

Divide the players into teams. If you have mixed age-groups, try to combine older and younger players into teams for more fun.

Place a pile of "snowman clothes" opposite each team. At your signal, the players race to the pile of clothes and nominate one player as the snowman. The other players must then dress the snowman in all the articles of clothing. The snowman is not allowed to help at all!

When dressed, the snowman runs back to you. The team with the first completely dressed snowman to reach you wins.


Make the game longer by making each player dress up in turn. When each player is fully dressed, they remove the clothes as fast as they can and then start dressing another player. It helps if you make sure all the clothes are removed before the next player starts to dress up - you can do this by asking the snowmen to undress at your end of the room before taking the clothes back to the rest of the team at the other end!


Make a "carrot" nose for each player before game play starts, buy cutting a quarter circle out of orange card and rolling it into a cone shape. You could even get the kids to do this as a craft activity before playing the game. Punch a hole in each side and thread elastic through. Carrot noses cause much hilarity but should not be used by more than one member of the team! If you ask the players to continue wearing their carrot noses once they have dressed up as a snowman and a dressing the remaining team members, it adds to the fun of the game.

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