Soap Bubble Contest


Sometimes a bubble-blowing session can be just the thing - especially on a rainy day! We have lots of ideas here, including one for turning bubble blowing into a team event.

Soap Bubble Contest

Make up some bubble mixture and find a variety of implements that can be used to blow bubbles - perhaps a traditional bubble wand, a drinking straw, or even a coat hanger bent into shape!

Have a contest! Some suggestions are:

  • Who can blow the biggest bubble?
  • Who can blow the most bubbles in a space of time?
  • Who can have the most bubbles in the air at one time?
  • Whose bubble stays in the air for the longest?
  • Whose bubble pops first?
  • Whose bubble pops last?

Of course, one child on their own can still have fun with bubbles. Try timing your bubbles to see which lasts longest, or catching your bubbles in a plastic cup, or on your hand. Blow bubbles in the garden and see how far they travel, and experiment to see how many you can keep going at once.

Team game for parties:

Provide each child with a bubble blowing wand (perhaps they could make their own?) and prepare two basins of bubble mixture for the game.

Divide the company into two sides, an even number in each. Stretch a cord or rope at a medium height across the middle of the room. Two children, one from each side, play at a time. Each stands on his side, blows a bubble, and then gently encourages it by blowing toward the opposite side, and over the rope if he can. If it goes over the rope without breaking, a point is scored for that team.

Make sure that someone keeps score, and declare a winner after a certain amount of time, or when each child has had one or two goes.


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