Soft Toy Nessie


The real Loch Ness Monster might be a little more scary than our cute Soft Toy Nessie! This a lovely simple sewing craft for kids to make. Older children might want to make one for younger siblings, or friends!

Soft Toy Nessie

You will need:

Two pieces of felt
Needle and embroidery thread
Toy stuffing
Wiggle eyes
Fabric glue
Buttons/felt scraps other decorative bits

Toy Nessie template
Toy Nessie template


Use our template to cut out two monster shapes. Use running stitch to sew the two monsters together. It is easiest to start halfway along the back and sew the head first. When you run out of thread start from the same point on the back and sew in the other direction. Stuff the monster as you go along.

Glue the eyes on to the monster and decorate with buttons and other scraps.


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