Decorate your child's room with our fun space themed printables, or protect their library with our space bookplates. Have a go at our brand new colouring pages, write a space-themed story on our lovely printable story paper, print out our planet posters or have a go at some space crafts! Or why not learn to draw an astronaut and an alien, a satellite and a space shuttle. There's fun and learning for all ages here, and we've got lots more on the way, too...

Space Colouring Pages
Just a small collection of space colouring pages now, but we will be adding more soon!
Space Crafts for Kids
We are just getting started on our Space theme at Activity Village, so there are just one or two...
Space Printables
We've just started to add a small collection of space printables to Activity Village - some...
Space Puzzles
Have a go at our growing collection of space puzzles with the kids. We've got an alphabet...
Space Worksheets
Liven up your space topic with the help of our fun space worksheets! We've got a good...

The Most Famous Space Explorer of all Time...

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong

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