Spooky Mosaic


Mosaics are quick and satisfying to do and all ages of children enjoy them and display the results with pride. We've made a Jack-o-lantern but you could try your hand at a skull, Frankenstein, monster, mummy or ghost!

Pumpkin mosaic

You will need:

coloured paper
PVA glue (white glue)


Draw or print out a simple spooky picture on your paper or card. We drew a pumpkin but you could use one of the ideas above or draw a witch or a bat or anything else you fancy. Alternatively print out one of our monster colouring pages or use the pumpkin printouts from our pumpkin banner.

Take some coloured paper in the colours that you want for your picture and cut it into small squares. Cover the picture in glue: for a large picture you will need to do a bit at a time. Stick on your paper mosaic tiles to cover your picture.


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