Stained Glass Butterfly Craft


This stained glass butterfly craft looks very pretty in the window -imagine a classroom full of these on a sunny day! Children can obviously make their designs as simple or as complicated as they like, so it is a great idea for mixed ages or abilities. Younger children may need help with the contact paper, which can be a bit tricky. Instructions below.

Stained glass butterfly craft

You will need:

Contact film (Sheets are ideal rather than rolls, which are harder to work with)
Black wool
Different colours of glitter

Simple butterfly template
Simple butterfly template


Cut a butterfly shape from the contact film. Draw your own or use ours as a guide. Older kids could use the more detailed butterfly colouring page as a shape guide.

Carefully stick wool around the edge. Stick three lengths of wool along the middle as the body. Use more pieces of wool to ‘draw’ circles on the wings. For young children an adult could prepare this first.

Cover the different sections of the wings in different colours of glitter.

Shake off any excess glitter (there will probably be a lot, so put paper underneath to catch it and pour it back into the bottle).

Stained glass butterfly detail


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