Stained Glass Dolphin Picture


This stained glass picture looks stunning standing against a window to catch the light - perfect to display in the bathroom, possibly! Children will enjoy the effect of the different colours of blue tissue paper. Using the stick-back plastic makes this a relatively mess-free craft, too.

Stained Glass Dolphin Picture

You will need:

Clear sticky back plastic (book film)
Silver card
Blue holographic card
Blue tissue paper in various shades

Optional: dolphin template


  • Carefully cut the centre from the silver card to make a frame.
  • Cut a piece of sticky back plastic to fit your frame.
  • Remove the backing and carefully stick the silver card face down on to the plastic trying to keep the plastic as smooth as possible.
  • On the holographic card, draw two dolphins (or use our template) and cut them out.
  • Stick the dolphins face down to the sticky back plastic.
  • Tear small pieces of tissue paper and cover the rest of the sticky back plastic.


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