Stained Glass Ghost


The glitter on this Halloween stained glass ghost craft really makes it look fantastic in a sunny window - and it was fun to create, too. Why not pair it up with our stained glass pumpkin?

Stained Glass Ghost

You will need:

Black card
Contact film (clear sticky back plastic)
White glitter


Fold the black card in half and cut a ghost shape from the middle, as large as you want your picture to be. Cut again, about 1.5cm in from the edge of the shape you just cut to make a "frame".

Open out and stick the frame onto the contact film, then trim all around the edge of the film.

Using the discarded piece of card from the middle, cut a ghost face and stick to the plastic.

Cover the rest of the plastic with white glitter. Sprinkle hard!

Sam sprinkling glitter onto his stained glass ghost
Sam sprinkling glitter onto his stained glass ghost


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