Stained Glass Pumpkin


You can see from the photo that our stained glass pumpkin craft looks fabulous on display in the window!

Stained Glass Pumpkin

You will need:

Black card
Contact film (clear sticky back plastic)
Orange tissue paper


Fold the black card in half and draw half a pumpkin onto it, as large as you want your stained glass picture to be. Cut out.

Now cut about an inch (2cm) inside that line, so that you have a pumpkin shaped frame when you open your card out.

Stick on to the contact film, and trim around the outside edge of the film, evenly with the outside of your pumpkin.

Stained glass pumpkin craft - making the outline
Making the outline

Using the discarded card from the inside of the frame, cut out a face for your Jack O'Lantern, and stick to the plastic.

Cover the rest of the plastic with torn off pieces of orange tissue.


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