Star Photo Frame And Card


Perfect for Grandparent's Day, Father's Day, or perhaps even Christmas, you can make just one star photo frame or a whole galaxy!

Star photo frame

You will need:

Craft foam (or card) in yellow or orange
Foam letters
Our star template
Photos (passport size) one of each child

Star template
Star template


Print out our star template on to card. Use this to cut out a large foam star for each child.

Cut a circle out of the middle of each star. Glue the photos to the backs of the frames.

Use the template as a guide to cut one even larger star.

Use the foam letters to add a message to this star (we wrote Grandpa’s Stars).

Finally cut a strip of yellow foam for each star. Glue these to the back of each star and glue the other end to the large star.

The frame can now be pinned up, or attached to a larger piece of card and used as a greetings card or for display.


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