Stars And Stripes T-Shirt


Get out the fabric paints and scraps and have a go at creating your own Stars and Stripes t-shirt, perfect for Fourth of July celebrations of perhaps the Olympics!

Sam wears stars and stripes T-shirt

You will need:

A white t-shirt
Thin red ribbon
A small rectangle of blue fabric (we used felt so it didn’t fray)
Star sequins
Fabric glue

Cut 7 equal lengths of red ribbon. Glue these horizontally to your t-shirt, leaving a gap equal to the width of the ribbon between them. This should form a rectangle shape which is the base of your flag.

Stars and stripes Tshirt detail

Decorate your blue fabric with the star sequins, and glue it into the top left corner of your flag.

Glue the whole flag onto your T-shirt and enjoy wearing it!

Stars and stripes T-shirt


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