Stars And Stripes Window Flag


Children can make this patriotic Stars And Stripes window flag to decorate the house ready for 4th of July. It looks really pretty with the sun shining through it! Younger children will need help with the cutting.

Stars And Stripes Window Flag

Our stars and stripes window flag

You will need:

White card
Red and white tissue paper
White paint (or white paper and a star craft punch)


Carefully cut out a rectangle from the card in the top left corner. Cut out strips across the rest of the card. This is quite tricky to do, so younger children will need help.

Glue the card onto the red tissue paper so it covers all of the cut out strips.

Glue on some blue tissue paper to cover the rectangle.

Either paint on some white stars or punch some out of white paper and glue them on to the blue.

Stick your flag to the window so the sun shines through.


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