Statue of Liberty Crown


This Statue of Liberty crown is perfect for your Fourth of July picnic or parade! Team it with our torch craft and your kids will have a perfect dressing up outfit for Independence Day!

Statue of Liberty craft

You will need:

Kitchen foil
Black pen
Sticky tape

Unwrap a piece of kitchen foil from the roll (whatever size you have to hand) until you have a width of foil long enough to go around your head, with a little spare for an overlap. Lay the foil in front of you. Fold down the top to make a band about three inches wide (this will become your points). Fold up the bottom to make a band about 1.5 inches wide (this will be your head band). Continue folding up from the bottom until you reach the fold that you made at the top (you may have to be a little creative with your folds to make them meet perfect).

From the top fold cut out 6 triangles and trim any excess. You should be left with a band about 1.5 inches wide with 6 triangles pointing at the top.

On the band use the black pen to draw on the arches of the crown. Wrap the crown around your head and tape to secure. Fold down the points as shown.

Now make the Statue of Liberty torch too!

Jack dressed as Statue of Liberty


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