Statue of Liberty Torch


Make a Statue of Liberty torch and crown with your kids and dress up for Fourth of July this year! All you need is some kitchen foil and a cardboard tube, and some imagination..

statue of liberty torch craft

You will need:

Kitchen foil
Cardboard tube (foil inner)
Sticky tape
Silver card
Torch template

Wrap the tube in foil and set aside.

Print out the template and then use it to cut out the same shape on the silver card.

Take a piece of foil about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide and roll it tight,  twisting to secure any loose edges. Coil into a spiral and glue to the top edge of the silver card, as shown in the photo below. Repeat.

Statue of Liberty torch craft instructions

Tape the silver card into a band. Place the cardboard tube through the middle. Fold the thin rectangles in and tape them in a circle around the tube. Crumple a piece of foil into a rough circle and tape to the top of the torch to be the flame.

Jack dressed as Statue of Liberty

Now make the Statue of Liberty crown!


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