Stuffed Pumpkin Craft

These stuffed pumpkins are such a fun craft for kids to make - and they look really great in your Halloween display! How about standing one at the front door for each member of the family, to welcome Halloween visitors?

Stuffed pumpkin craft

You will need:

Paper bag
Orange and green paint
Black marker pen
Old newspaper


Lie the paper bag flag and paint the bottom orange and the top green. When dry, turn over and paint the other side the same.

Make 2 or 3 slits down the sides of the bag to the bottom of the green paint. Fold open carefully and paint the top of the inside of the bag green too.

Draw a face on the bag with black pen.

Fill the bag with scrunched up newspaper and then tie a piece of string around the bag at the top of the orange paint. Simple, satisfying and very cute!

Stuffed pumpkin craft detail

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