Sun Handprint Craft


Bring a little sunshine into your home with this super easy sun handprint craft for summer! And as it involves some painting, some tracing, some cutting and some sticking, it proves a particularly popular craft for kids!

Sun Handprint Craft

You will need:

Paper plate
Yellow paint
Black marker
Yellow, orange and gold construction paper



Start by painting the paper plate and leave to dry.

In the meantime, trace around your child's hand onto the three colours of construction paper. You will need about 12 handprints. A mixture of colours looks great but you could just use yellow if you prefer. Cut out the handprints.

Use the black marker to draw a cheerful face on your sun. If you are using a permanent marker, you should supervise this bit carefully!

Now turn the sun over and stick the handprints around the edge to form the rays.

Sun handprint craft detail


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