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Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

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Geography of Sweden

  • The Kingdom of Sweden in northern Europe is a Scandinavian country. It is connected to Denmark by bridge and shares a long border with Norway and Finland.
  • Lake Vanern, the largest of Sweden's 97,000 lakes, contains 20,000 islands. The manmade Gota Canal links the Baltic Sea to the lake.
  • There are 94 churches on the island of Gotland, site of the walled town of Visby, once an important Hanseatic port and said to be the home of the original Goths.
  • Sarek was the first National Park in Europe when it opened in 1909. It is vast, with 100 glaciers and 200 mountains over 1800m, and is home to elks, bears and lynx.
  • Visitors to Swedish Lapland can stay in the Icehotel, made of snow and ice. Bring a warm sleeping bag and you may see the Northern Lights!

History of Sweden:

  • From 800-1150AD Swedish Vikings sailed longships to the far east and south of Europe. Some people think that the Rus people, after whom Russia was named, were from the coast of Sweden.
  • Modern Sweden can be traced to June 6th 1523 when the nobility resisted Danish rule and declared Gustav Vasa King.
  • Between 1560 and 1810 Sweden built a large trading empire when reached its pinnacle under King Charles X.


  • Stockholm, the capital city, is built on 14 islands. Gamla Stan, the old medieval town, is home to the Royal Palace, which has over 600 rooms.
  • The Vasa ship is the oldest preserved 64 cannon Man of War. This ornately carved symbol of Sweden's past is Stockholm's major tourist attraction.
  • Stockholm is also home to the Grand Hotel, host of the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony. The prize is named after the Swedish inventor of dynamite.

Swedish Culture

  • Swedes love drinking coffee and eating cinnamon rolls. The word 'fika' describes the daily ritual of meeting friends for a coffee break.
  • Swedish culture has produced world famous icons from Abba, the pop band, to retailer Ikea, Volvo cars and Ericsson the technology company.
  • Children everywhere love to read the Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi's surname in Swedish is Langstrump.
  • Winter sports are popular. Sweden have been ice hockey world champions six times. Bandy, played on ice with a round ball, has a World Cup each year in Sweden.
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